Paul L. Caron

Monday, October 8, 2007

New Law, Society, and Taxation Law & Society Association Research Network

Neil Buchanan (George Washington) has formed Law, Society, and Taxation as a Collaborative Research Network within the Law & Society Association (a CRN is similar to "section" in the AALS or ABA):

This Collaborative Research Network provides a forum for scholars who are interested in the effects on society of the taxing and spending policies adopted at all levels of government (international, national, state, and local). Subjects of inquiry involve any aspect of government policy with respect to taxing or spending, including distributional effects of government programs, theoretical issues of equity and justice, comparative and international issues, and all other aspects of fiscal policy. Participants are encouraged to apply multi- and interdisciplinary approaches to questions across the range of tax-related scholarship: issues of social and economic inequality, international competition and coordination, comparative aspects of tax law, family issues, sexual orientation and tax law, and so on.

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