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Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Korb on The 10 Most Significant Tax Events in Baseball History

Interesting post on the Wall Street Journal's Law Blog:  The 10 Most Significant Tax Events in Baseball History, by Peter Lattman, which follows up on last week's post on Tax Consequences of Catching Barry Bonds' 756th Home Run by recounting IRS Chief Counsel Donald Korb's speech last year at Cooperstown on “the 10 most significant tax events in the history of baseball”:

  1. Mark McGwire’s 62nd Home Run Ball
  2. Atlanta Braves and Cash Back Splitoff
  3. Bug Selig – Allocation of Purchase Price to Players’ Contracts
  4. Bill Veeck – the P.T. Barnum of Baseball – tax planning in the purchase of team and the allocation of most of value of players’ contracts to depreciable assets
  5. Are signing bonuses considered wages subject to FICA/FUTA?
  6. Cleveland Indians, Collusion Payments and FICA/FUTA
  7. Dahl case – deduction of advertising expenses
  8. Are the costs of player contracts purchased by a team deductible or amortizable?
  9. Deductibility of Baseball Players’ Business Expenses
  10. ITC and Baseball

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