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Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Are Law Schools Recruiting Top Law Prof Bloggers?

From Gordon Smith (BYU) on Conglomerate:

The question that Jay [Brown (Denver), Blogs, Law School Rankings, and the Race to the Bottom] would like to answer but cannot is whether blogging, even good blogging, by a law professor enhances the reputation among academics of that professor's sponsoring law school. Even without answering that question, some law schools have begun to recruit top bloggers in an effort to enhance their reputation. I won't name names, but I suspect that the practice will become clear soon enough.

I agree with Steve Bainbridge (UCLA) on  "What a tease! It's like one of the ads for the 11 o'clock news: 'Is a hurricane headed our way? Find out at 11.' C'mon, come clean. Inquiring minds want to know."

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I would hope that a good law professor blogger can increase the visibility of a school. That has to be important. Though law review articles are unquestionably critical, the reality is that bloggers will be read more often.
Lets hope law school appointment committees embrace this wonderful technology and tool.
Mitchell H. Rubinstein

Posted by: Mitchell Rubinstein | Aug 16, 2007 6:02:01 AM