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Monday, June 4, 2007

Candidate Launches Campaign for District Attorney from Church Pulpit

Following up on recent posts (here and here) on the IRS's new guidance on political activity by tax-exempt organizations:  check out the remarkable three-minute video of Michele Purvis announcing her candidacy for District Attorney from her church's pulpit.  (Hat Tip:  Donald Tobin.)

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Who cares? It's not like the church is running a pac or something. The priest's err in judgement is no fault of the congregation. This is not to say that the congregation should not take a long, philosophical look at the implications of an individual wanting to represent God or Christ that also wants to work toward furthering this nation's cancer... human imprisonment.

One good question, does this priest own stock in Corrections Corporation of America or any other similar fascistic criminal organization?

Posted by: constituent | Jun 6, 2007 10:45:21 AM

Tax the church. They don't deserve to be exempt.

Posted by: piltdown | Jun 5, 2007 11:44:22 AM