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Friday, June 29, 2007

Britain Refuses to Extradict Days Inn Mogul to Face U.S. Tax Charges

Interesting article in today's New York Times:  Britain Won’t Extradite New York Hotelier in Fraud and Tax Evasion Case, by Charles V. Bagli:

After three years of hearings and recriminations, a British judge yesterday refused to extradite the multimillionaire hotelier Stanley S. Tollman to New York, a major setback for prosecutors seeking to bring him to trial on charges relating to a $100 million bank fraud and tax evasion scheme. Mr. Tollman was indicted by a federal grand jury in 2002 after prosecutors said he led an effort to defraud lenders and avoid paying taxes during the 1990s, when he and others controlled the Days Inn hotel chain. For much of the 1990s, Mr. Tollman and his wife, Beatrice, were conspicuous figures in high society in New York; Palm Beach, Fla.; and Litchfield County, Conn., where they still own homes.

Timothy Workman, a senior district judge in Westminster, England, ruled yesterday that it would be difficult for Mr. Tollman, 76, to get a fair trial because of the loss of certain documents and the deaths of witnesses who might have aided his defense. The judge also said that sending Mr. Tollman to America “would undoubtedly endanger the health of Mrs. Tollman and possibly her life.

For other press coverage, see the Associated Press, Wall Street Journal, and the WSJ's Law Blog. For a copy of the judge's ruling, see here.

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