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Monday, June 4, 2007

Arizona to Waive Sales Tax to Attract 2009 NBA All-Star Game

Having just returned from the LSAC Annual Meeting and Education Conference in Tucson, this item from Sports Law Blog caught my eye :  Arizona to Waive Sales Tax to Attract 2009 NBA All-Star Game:

[S]ome state lawmakers are seeking to pass a waiver of the state sales tax charged on tickets for the game and its associated attractions (Arizona has a 5.6% sales tax, with no exception for food or prescription drugs). Matthew Benson writes about this in today's Arizona Republic. The waiver, which is supported by Phoenix Mayor Phil Gordon, is said to be worth between $300,000 to $400,000 to the NBA and its sponsors who buy the tickets. ...

There are at least two core arguments against the proposal, however.

  1. A State Sales Taxes is Not a Comparative Disadvantage ...
  2. Waiving the Sales Tax for an NBA All-Star game Benefits the Rich

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Is AZ completely unaware of the Las Vegas experience with these goons?

Posted by: H. R. | Jun 4, 2007 8:35:51 AM

Such waivers are required to even bid on hosting a Super Bowl. More bad tax policy.

Posted by: mike | Jun 4, 2007 4:37:45 AM