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Friday, May 4, 2007

The Threat to Law School Tenure

Interesting article in today's Inside Higher Ed:  Threat to Tenure at Law Schools, by Andy Guess:

The ABA — at the urging of some law deans and to the dismay of many law professors — is considering an end to having tenure systems be one requirement for law school accreditation. A special task force of the ABA has been working on a set of recommendations about accreditation and will not submit its findings until next month. But reports about what the group may recommend, and what law deans have urged it to recommend, have been circulating in recent weeks — and e-mail has been flying among law professors.

At a meeting of the ABA Accreditation Policy Task Force last week, a preliminary vote found by a slim majority that they should recommend that most if not all terms and conditions of employment should not be part of the requirements for accreditation ... Members will not comment on the deliberations of the task force, whose report is due on June 9 — along with a separate report by the minority.

Update:  David Bernstein supports the elimination of tenure requirements for law school accreditation.

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Eliminating tenure requirements in all forms would allow the fourth tier and night programs to offer full course loads taught by adjuncts, which would wreak havoc with the ratings game.

Posted by: Apep | May 5, 2007 10:53:51 AM