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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Tax Prof Moves, 2007-08

Entry Level Hires

  • Keith Fogg (Villanova Tax Clinic)
  • David Gamage (UC-Berkeley) (currently Visiting Assistant Professor at Texas)
  • Kristin Gutting (Charleston) (currently Visiting Assistant Professor at Florida)
  • Sarah Lawsky (George Washington)
  • Edward Osei (Widener)
  • Adam Rosenzweig (Washington University) (currently Visiting Assistant Professor at Northwestern)

Promotions and Tenures

  • Craig Boise (Case Western) to Associate Professor of Law
  • Adam Chodorow (Arizona State) to Professor of Law with Tenure
  • Brant Hellwig (South Carolina) to Associate Professor of Law with Tenure
  • Michael Kirsch (Notre Dame) to Associate Professor of Law with Tenure
  • Christopher Pietruszkiewicz (LSU) to Professor of Law with Tenure
  • Diane Ring (Boston College) to Professor of Law with Tenure

Administrative Appointments

  • Marc Beckerman to Associate Director of Graduate Tax Program at New York Law School
  • Leslie Book (Villanova) to Director of Graduate Tax Program
  • Paul Caron (Cincinnati) to Associate Dean of Faculty
  • Edward McCaffery (USC) to Dean
  • Bruce McGovern (South Texas) to Associate Dean of Academic Administration

Lateral Moves

  • H. Beau Baez (Liberty) to Charlotte
  • Cheryl Block (George Washington) to Washington University
  • Neil Buchanan (Rutgers-Newark) to George Washington
  • Patricia Cain (Iowa) to Santa Clara
  • Lee Anne Fennell (Illinois) to Chicago
  • Vic Fleischer (Colorado) to Illinois
  • Darryll Jones (Pittsburgh) to Stetson
  • Miranda Perry (Colorado) to Illinois
  • Gregg Polsky (Minnesota) to Florida State
  • Sharon Reece (Arkansas-Little Rock) to Maryland


  • Linda Beale (Wayne State) to Boston College (Spring 2008)
  • Joshua Blank to NYU as Acting Assistant Professor (2007-08)
  • David Brennen (Georgia) to Deputy Director of the AALS (2007-09)
  • Dorothy Brown (Washington & Lee) to Emory (2007-08)
  • Johnny Rex Buckles (Houston) to Washington & Lee (2007-08)
  • Michelle Cecil (Missouri-Columbia) to Texas (2007-08)
  • Mark Cochran (St. Mary's) to Georgia (Spring 2008)
  • Mitchell Engler (Cardozo) to NYU
  • J. Clifton Fleming, Jr. (BYU) to Central European University (Summer 2007)
  • Mitchell Gans (Hofstra) to NYU
  • Mark Gergen (Texas) to Harvard
  • Megan McKee Healey to NYU as Acting Assistant Professor (2007-08)
  • Calvin Johnson (Texas) to Professor-in-Residence, Office of Chief Counsel, IRS (1/07 - 6/07)
  • Mitchell Kane (Virginia) to Columbia & NYU
  • Michael Kirsch (Notre Dame) to Northwestern (Fall 2007)
  • Michael Knoll (Pennsylvania) to Columbia (Fall 2009)
  • Georg W. Kofler to NYU as Acting Assistant Professor (2007-08)
  • Marjorie Kornhasuer (Arizona State) to Boston College (Fall 2007)
  • Michael Lang (Chapman) to Loyola-L.A. (Spring 2008)
  • William LaPiana (New York Law School) to Yale
  • Stuart Lazar (Thomas Cooley) to Tulane (2007-08)
  • Charlene Luke (Florida State) to Utah (Spring 2008)
  • Bill Lyons (Nebraska) to University of Limerick (Summer 2007) and Vermont (Fall 2007)
  • George Mundstock (Miami) to North Carolina (Spring 2008)
  • Ann Murphy (Gonzaga) to Central University of Finance & Economics on a Fulbright Scholarship (Fall 2007)
  • Walter Schwidetzky (Baltimore) to California Western (2007-08)
  • Joel Slemrod (Michigan) to Columbia
  • Kevin Yamamoto (South Texas) to Montana (Fall 2007)
  • Edward Zelinsky (Cardozo) to Yale
  • Eric Zolt (UCLA) to Harvard


  • Thomas Allington (Indiana-Indianapolis)
  • Bill Andrews (Harvard)
  • Brian Comerford (Brooklyn)
  • Martin Fried (Syracuse)
  • Alan Gunn (Notre Dame)
  • Scott Stafford (Arkansas-Little Rock)
  • Philip Wile (McGeorge)
  • Bernard Wolfman (Harvard)

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I am struck by the paucity of entry level hires and the relatively small number of "upward" lateral names, other than those occasioned by geography, personal status, etc. This seems particularly odd, for a year in which an unusual number of schools seemed to be looking in tax early on.

Is this because we don't have all the information yet? Or are an increasing number of schools simply deferring tax hiring, preferring to use adjuncts, etc. and spend their long-range funds in other areas? The low number of entry levels, in a feel where there should be many good candidates, is particularly striking.

I'm interested in people's views, on- or off-line.

Posted by: Michael Livingston | Apr 20, 2007 9:35:42 AM