Paul L. Caron

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Public Opinion on Taxes

The American Enterprise Institute has published a new a new AEI Public Opinion Study, Public Opinion on Taxes, by AEI senior fellow Karlyn Bowman. From the press release:

Using available polling data, Bowman examines how attitudes toward paying taxes have changed over the past half century and what those attitudes are today. Among the highlights:

  • The personal property tax is a bigger headache for most people than the federal income tax.
  • Today, Democrats lead Republicans as the party better able to handle taxes, a significant change from the past.
  • Pluralities of Americans think their taxes will go up under a Democratic or Republican president.
  • When asked how much of total income should go to taxes, people put the number at 10-25%.
  • Americans don't like the estate tax.
  • Ratings of the IRS are up.

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