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Friday, February 23, 2007

Tax Prof Fashion Warrior?

Nyls_1In blogging the various first-hand accounts of last Friday's Symposium at New York Law School on Writing About the Law: From Bluebook to Blogs and Beyond, I took good-natured umbrage at David Lat's critique of my fashion sense:

Professors Lindgren and Caron: We don't like shirts with button-down collars to be worn with suits. We wear button-down shirts sometimes ... But we never wear our button-downs with suits.

David redeemed himself today when, in posting 12 new pictures from the conference (including two of me (pictures # 4 and #5 as you scroll down the post)), he noted:

We commend Professor Caron for the nice cap-toe shoes and handsome briefcase.

Update:  Although I appreciate David noting the tax consequences of the gift bags given to all of the presenters at the conference, a younger colleague explained this comment about the picture of me chatting with another tax professor:

Speaking of asking people out, have you ever seen a tax law professor bust a move? Well, now you have.

Note to my wife:  I most assuredly was not "busting a move"!

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