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Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Call for Tax Papers: Second Annual Conference on Empirical Legal Studies

Nyu_22The Second Annual Empirical Legal Studies Conference to be held at NYU on November 9-10, 2007 has issued a call for papers in a variety of fields, including tax. The Conference is jointly organized by Cornell (Theodore Eisenberg & Michael Heise), NYU (Jennifer Arlen & Geoffrey Miller), and Texas (Bernard Black).

The conference's objectives are: (i) to encourage and develop empirical and experimental scholarship on legal issues by providing scholars with an opportunity to present and discuss their work with an interdisciplinary group of people interested in the empirical study of law; and (ii) to stimulate ongoing conversations among scholars in law, economics, political science, demographics, finance, psychology, sociology, and other disciplines. The conference's audience will include paper presenters, commentators, and other attendees, and will include many of the nation's leading empirical legal scholars. The goal is productive discourse on both particular papers and appropriate methodologies. We especially encourage submissions from junior scholars.

Submissions are due by July 1, 2007.

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