Paul L. Caron

Friday, January 26, 2007

Tax Tidbits

Jim Maule (Villanova) has a cornucopia of interesting tax items on his blog this morning, including:

  • The tax consequences to a pregnant Chicago woman offering to sell advertising space on her belly in exchange for Super Bowl tickets (story and vido here).
  • Arizona's decision to increase cigarette taxes 80 cents pursuant to language in a ballot initiative petition, even though the actual ballot language approved by the voters said .80 cents (details here).
  • The Pennsylvania Department of Revenue's announcement that it has mailed one million Forms 1099 reporting erroneous state income tax refunds and interest payments (they mistakenly used 2005 figures rather than 2006 figures).
  • A new tax website with a variety of useful tools:  IRS Forum:  The Taxpayers Form.

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