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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

2006 Law Student Tax Challenge Results

Aba_tax_13 Last Wednesday, we blogged the results of the the ABA Tax Section's 2006 Law Student Tax Challenge.  The ABA Tax Section has now put the results on its web site, along with a full listing of the 42 teams that entered the competition and their coaches.  (For more details, see the ABA press release.) The law schools with multiple entrants were: 

  • Western New England (4 teams) (coached by Frederick Royal)
  • Franklin Pierce (3) (coached by Stephen Black)
  • Georgetown (3)
  • Lewis & Clark (3) (coached by Henry Breithhaupt)
  • Indiana (2) (coached by Anthony Infanti)
  • Loyola-L.A. (2) (coached by Jennifer Kowal & Dean Weiner)
  • Stetson (2) (coached by Janice McClendon)
  • Syracuse (2) (coached by Robert Nassau)

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