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Saturday, December 23, 2006


The Boston University Graduate Tax Program, established in 1959 as one of the first graduate tax programs in the nation, continues to be one of the best. It consistently ranks among the Top 10 tax programs. The program offers a broad and diverse curriculum, with five required courses and 33 electives and concentrations in three areas:

        • Business Tax
        • Estate Planning
        • International Tax   

Bu_logo_finalIn this five part series, TaxProf Blog will profile Boston University's full-time Graduate Tax Faculty.


Haddad_2 As Associate Dean for Graduate Programs, Ernest M. Haddad is responsible BU's Graduate Tax Program, Morin Center for Banking and Financial Law, and Office of Foreign Programs. These departments offer a number of academic programs and services, including LL.M. degrees in American Law, Banking and Financial Law, Intellectual Property Law and Taxation.

Dean Haddad graduated from Trinity College in 1960 and BU in 1964. After two years of law firm practice, he returned to BU Law to serve as assistant dean.

In 1971 he entered public service as assistant secretary-general counsel in the newly created Massachusetts Executive Office of Human Services, then in 1976 joined Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Massachusetts as general counsel. In 1981, Dean Haddad became secretary and general counsel of The Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH), the largest teaching hospital affiliate of Harvard Medical School. In 1995, when MGH joined with Brigham and Women’s Hospital to create Partners Health Care System, Inc., he became its first General Counsel and Secretary, participating in the creation of the largest academic health care and biomedical research organization in the country. After 21 years in these positions, he left to return once again to BU Law.

Dean Haddad’s academic interest is in the financing and governance of complex exempt organizations with diverse tax issues. He is the author or co-author of several articles and book chapters on tax exempt organizations and health law.

Dean Haddad is involved in a variety of bar and community service activities. Among his current activities, he serves as a member of the governing boards of the International Institute of Boston and the New England Legal Foundation. He recently completed several years of service as an officer and governing board member of both the Boston Bar Association (BBA) and the Boston Bar Foundation (BBF) and continues to serve as chairman of the joint Audit Committee of the BBA and the BBF.

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