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Thursday, October 26, 2006

Treasury Department Seeks to Hire Ethics Attorney

Irs_logo_192The Treasury Department is looking to hire an Ethics Attorney

Major Duties:  The incumbent provides legal advice primarily concerning ethics and the Hatch Act to officials at all levels within the Departmental Offices. In addition, may be asked to provide legal advice regarding labor relations, procurement, FOIA, personnel, appropriations and other legal issues concerning agency administration. The Office also represents the Department in administrative proceedings and assists the Justice Department in representing Treasury's interest in matters before the federal courts. Working with the Assistant General Counsel, the Designated Agency Ethics Official, the Senior Counsel for Ethics and the Ethics Program Manager, this position provides legal advice in the Department's Ethics program. The incumbent's duties include: (1) preparing written opinions for the DAEO, Alternate DAEO and the Deputy Assistant General Counsel in response to requests from current and former employees; (2) identifying and advising on various ethics issues; (3) collecting and providing initial review of the public financial disclosure reports of all Presidential nominees and appointees, Schedule Cs, SES employees and other covered employees in accordance with Treasury Directives; (4) providing advice on employee requests to accept official travel expenses under the Ethics Reform Act of 1989 and other relevant authorities; and (5) drafting training materials and updates to the Treasury supplemental ethics regulations and directives.The incumbent also provides annual ethics training and ethics briefings as necessary to Treasury employees.

Salary: $65,048 - $118,828

Application Deadline:  November 13.

For further details, see here.

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