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Tuesday, September 19, 2006

NPR on IRS v. All Saints Church

NPR, California Church Could Lose Tax-Exempt Status (listen here):

All Saints Episcopal Church in Pasadena, Calif., is deciding whether to fight an IRS summons for the church's e-mails, meeting minutes and letters. The liberal church is under investigation for allegedly making political statements leading up to the November 2004 presidential election. At stake are its tax-exempt status and possibly some heavy fines.

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I sent the following comments and copy of the Simon interview to Feinstein, Boxer and Pelosi:In view of demand of the IRS that the All Saints Episcopal Church of Pasadena turn over all anti war sermons to them in an effort by the IRS to deny the Church its tax its tax exempt status.

I submit to you a print out of an interview of Jerry Falwell by Bob Simon of CBS, in which Falwell claims American Christian Zionists are now an important source of support for Israel than American Jews or the Jewish lobby. U.S. claims to be a fair and impartial broker between Israel and Palestine. The purpose of supporting the Jews is not to help the Jewish people, but to support the Jews killing the Arabs, in the belief that the Jews will win and this will bring about the Armageddon, and Christ will come again to begin his 1000 year rule. It is Falwell's belief that the surviving Jews will convert to Christianity or die.

I believe there are laws preventing the private support of mercenaries to carry out an agenda, unsupported by the Government and I believe that charges should be placed upon Falwell for interfering in international ayffairs and undermining U.S. position as a neutral broker in the attempt to bring peace to the middle East. I also believe that Attny. General Gonzales should be called upon to prosecute and explain "Why" such a public confession and to investigate how this information escaped our overrated intelligence system.

Thank you,

William H. Welsch

Posted by: william welsch | Sep 22, 2006 1:52:44 PM