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Wednesday, September 27, 2006

More on the ABA-LSAC Relationship

Yesterday, we blogged Tom Chapman's excellent post on the ABA's adoption of the LSAC's recommended change to the law school accreditation standards requiring law schools in computing the 75th percentile, median, and 25th percentile LSAT scores of their entering classes to report the highest (rather than the average) score of matriculants who took the test more than once.  Tom noted:

Curious about the details of that organizational relationship [between the ABA and LSAC], I've requested the LSAC's federal tax returns for the past three years. Perhaps the details in those dry documents will stimulate my imagination, making it easier for me to understand the reasons for the ABA's policy change.

As Ellen Aprill pointed out, Tom need not request LSAC's Form 990s from the IRS; they are available on GuideStar (registration required).  Although Tom did not mention it, the ABA's 2004 Form 990 also is available on Guidestar.

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