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Friday, September 8, 2006

Bruce Wolk, ERISA "Hottie"

Wolk_1Bruce A. Wolk (UC-Davis) is one of twelve nominess in the "ERSA Hotties" contest at Above the Law:

Wolk deserves the ERISA Hottie designation for more than simply being an ERISA expert and teacher. Whether it is designating his license plate 'ERISA 74' (see photo) or attempting to convince one of his sons to name his newborn "Erisa," his dedication to all things ERISA is nonpareil. And his "hottiness" goes well beyond his good looks -- his deep knowledge of all things hottie is evidenced by his textbook Pension and Employee Benefit Law, which rivals any romance novel. The fact that sex sells is not lost on Wolk.

To vote for Bruce, go here.

Update:  Bruce campaigns for the award here:

I am honored to be made a finalist in such a competitive field of ERISA hotties. This could be my big breakthrough -- a career transforming event. Can I dare hope for an interview by Soledad O'Brien, or perhaps even Katie Couric, if I win?

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