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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Podcast on Implications of Murphy

Ipod_9 Robert_wood_1Section 104 guru Robert W. Wood (Wood & Porter, San Francisco) has recorded a two-part podcast on the impact of last week's decision in Murphy v. United States, No. 03cv02414 (D.C. Cir. 8/22/06).  The podcast is available on The Settlement Channel:

Part one is approximately 15 minutes long and goes into the foundation of the case, why it was brought, the ruling and what some of the early fall out is in the legal and tax world. You can access it by clicking here. Part two is ... 22 minutes [and] goes into more detail about the case, but also discusses the immediate impact on several different groups, such as trial lawyers, employment lawyers, life insurance markets and structured settlement professionals. It also gives Rob's views on whether or not the case is likely to be appealed, the risks to the government and what various professionals need to consider now that the ruling is the law of the land for that particular district.

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