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Monday, July 31, 2006

NY Times Pans Anti-Tax Movie America: From Freedom to Fascism

America_1 David Cay Johnston pans the new anti-tax movie, America: From Freedom to Fascism in this morning's New York Times in Facts Refute Filmmaker’s Assertions on Income Tax in "America":

[E]xamination of the assertions in Mr. Russo’s documentary, which purports to expose “two frauds” perpetrated by the federal government, taxing wages and creating the Federal Reserve to coin money, shows that they too collapse under the weight of fact....

Many of the reviews in major newspapers have accepted as having some factual basis the film’s main contention, that the government illegally extracts income taxes, even though every court that has ever ruled on these issues has upheld the constitutionality of the income tax....

Early in the film Mr. Russo, the narrator, asserts that every president since Woodrow Wilson and every member of Congress has perpetrated a hoax to tax people’s wages and issue them dubious currency....

Near the film’s beginning Mr. Russo says, and others appear on screen asserting, that the IRS has refused every request to show any law making Americans liable for an income tax on their wages. Yet among those thanked in the credits for their help in making the film is Anthony Burke, an IRS spokesman. Mr. Burke said that when Mr. Russo called him asking what law required the payment of income taxes on wages, he sent Mr. Russo a link to documents, including Title 26 of the United States Code, citing the specific sections that require income taxes be paid on wages. Title 26 says on its face that it is law enacted by Congress, but Mr. Russo denied this fact. “Title 26,” Mr. Russo said in an interview last week, “is not the law, it is IRS regulations and to be a law it has to be passed by Congress.” Mr. Russo added that he had studied the matter closely and was confident that he had the facts.

Arguments made in court that the income tax is invalid are so baseless that Congress has authorized fines of $25,000 for anyone who makes them. But even though the penalty was quintupled, from $5,000, it has not deterred those who assert this and other claims that Congress and the courts deemed “frivolous arguments.”

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It should be panned because it sounds like tinfoil hat stuff; however, it would be nice if the NYT would take the same skeptical view of a Michael Moore movie.

Posted by: pchuck | Jul 31, 2006 8:55:17 AM