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Thursday, June 15, 2006

2006 Junior Tax Scholars Conference Today at Colorado

The two-day 2006 Junior Tax Scholars Conference kicks off today at Colorado.  Here are today's panels, paper presenters, and commentators:

Panel 1:  Business Tax Issues

David Walker, Accounting and Corporate Behavior
Commentators:  Vic Fleischer, Alex Raskolnikov

Vic Fleischer, Two and Twenty: Partnership Profits in Venture Capital Funds and Private Equity Funds
Commentators: David Hasen, David Walker

David Hasen, Retroactivity in Legal Transitions
Commentators: Neil Buchanan, Alex Raskolnikov

Alex Raskolnikov, A Social Cost of Social Norms
Commentators: David Hasen, Vic Fleischer

Panel 2: Historical Perspectives on Current Tax Issues

Ajay Mehrotra, From Labor to Capital: The Roots and Transformation of Tax Preferences for Capital Income
Commentators: Adam Chodorow, Vic Fleischer

Adam Chodorow, Tithing and Taxes
Commentators: Lily Batchelder, Lloyd Mayer

Panel 3: Public Finance/Budgeting

Neil Buchanan, Social Security Financing
Commentators: Lily Batchelder, David Gamage

Michael Doran, Generational Accounting in Federal Fiscal Policy
Commentators: Neil Buchanan, David Gamage

David Gamage, Coping with the Rollercoaster Effects of Balanced Budget Constraints
Commentators: Steven Dean, Michael Doran

Panel 4: Tax and Social Policy

Miranda Perry, Why Limit Charity? Exploring the Income Tax Charitable Deduction AGI Limits
Commentators: Lloyd Mayer, Ajay Mehrotra

Lily Batchelder, Inheritance Tax Proposal
Commentators: Michael Doran, Miranda Perry

Lloyd Mayer, Regulating Political Activity: Tax Law and the IRS vs. Election Law and the FEC
Commentators: Kristin Hickman, Miranda Perry

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