Paul L. Caron

Sunday, May 7, 2006

New Sponsor: Foundation Press, West & RIA

FoundationWe previously blogged our Law Professor Blogs Network's new three-year exclusive sponsorship agreement with Thomson, the corporate parent of Foundation Press, West Group, and RIA.  Thomson has issued a press release about the sponsorship agreement available here and here:

"Law Professor Blogs has rapidly become one of the pre-eminent online destinations for timely, objective critical thinking and information on the law," said Timothy Blevins, vice president and general manager, Legal Education Group, Thomson West. "We are proud to sponsor the site, and believe our legal academic resources will provide excellent complements to the information and resources on Law Professor Blogs."

"The quality of the content provided by Law Professor Blogs makes it a unique, outstanding asset for the legal academic community, as well as for practitioners and students," said Mark Schlageter, executive vice president and general manager, Research & Guidance, Thomson Tax & Accounting. "Tax law impacts many of the areas of law covered on Law Professor Blogs, and the site will provide excellent exposure for our resources, including RIA and PPC."

(In unrelated news, Thomson stock is up $1.50 since the announcement of the sponsorship agreement.)

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