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Saturday, May 13, 2006

Ave Maria Faculty & Alumni Vote "No Confidence" in Dean Over Proposed Move of Law School to Florida

Ave_1According to press reports, Ave Maria law school faculty (11-3) and alumni association board (7-2) have each overwhelmingly passed resolutions of no confidence in Dean Bernard Dobranski:

[T]he main concerns center on the faculty's voice in operating the school and a possible move from Ann Arbor to Ave Maria University near Naples, Fla., where Tom Monaghan, who founded both schools, is building Ave Maria Town, a planned community that will include homes and businesses in addition to the university. Responding to the votes, the Ave Maria Board of Governors issued a statement affirming its "full confidence'' in Dobranski. Also, two members of the alumni association issued a statement saying the association's board didn't have the authority to pass a no-confidence resolution.

On Wednesday, Dean Dobranski posted this letter giving the incoming class of 2009 his "full assurance" that if the school moves to Florida, it will not be until the fall of 2009 at the earliest

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