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Friday, April 28, 2006

Vanderbilt Hosts Conference Today on Legal Education: Past, Present & Future

VanderbiltVanderbilt kicks off a two-day conference today on Legal Education: Past, Present & Future.  Here are today's panels and papers:

Panel 1:  How Did We Get Here? Why Have We Stayed?

  • Robert W. Gordon (Yale): The Geologic Strata of the Law School Curriculum
  • Thomas C. Grey (Stanford): The Case Method and Legal Realism
  • Robert D. Cooter (Cal-Berkeley): What is Law and Economics? Why did it Succeed?
  • John Henry Schlegel (Buffalo): A Damn Hard Thing to Do
  • John C. P. Goldberg (Vanderbilt), Moderator

Panel 2:  Current Practices: Problems and Potential

  • Ernest J. Weinrib (Toronto), Can Law Survive Legal Education?
  • Mark D. West (Michigan), Making Lawyers (and Gangsters) in Japan
  • Wayne S. Hyatt (Hyatt & Stubblefield), A Lawyer's Lament: Law Schools and the Profession of Law
  • Susan L. Kay (Vanderbilt), Moderator

Panel 3:  Pedagogic Bias? Diagnosis and Correctives

  • Lani Guinier (Harvard) & Susan P. Sturm (Yale), The Pedagogical Matrix: A Framework for Rethinking Legal Education
  • Geraldine Downey (Columbia) & Bonita E. London (Columbia): Psychological Theories of the Educational Engagement of Women and Ethnic Minority Group; Members: A Multi-Method Analysis of Institutional Change
  • Elizabeth E. Mertz (Wisconsin), Inside the First Year Law School Classroom: Toward a New Legal Realist Pedagogy
  • Chris Guthrie (Vanderbilt), Moderator

Closing Remarks by E. Gordon Gee (Vanderbilt University Chancellor)

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