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Saturday, April 1, 2006

Taxonomy of Legal Blogs

Ohio State 3L Ian Best has created a spectacular Taxonomy of Legal Blogs on his 3L Epiphany blog.  He lists over 600 law blogs in various categories:

I. General Blogs

Advice for Lawyers and Law Firms

General Legal Blogs

General Blogs – Law and Culture, Economics, Politics, etc. 


II. Blogs Categorized by Legal Specialty

Specialty Blogs 


III. Blogs Categorized by Law or Legal Event

Case Blogs 

Statute Blogs 

Trial Blogs 

IV. Blogs Categorized by Jurisdictional Scope

State Blogs 

Federal Circuit Blogs

U.S. Supreme Court Blogs


V. Blogs Categorized by Author/Publisher

Anonymous Blogs 

Association Blogs 

Blogs by Judges 

Book Supplement Blogs 

Class and Student Group Blogs 

Institute Blogs 

Law Firm Blogs – Listed by Blog 

Law Firm Blogs – Listed by Firm 

Law Journal Blogs 

Law Library and Librarian Blogs 

Law Professor Blogs 

Lawyer Webjournals 

Newspaper Blogs 


VI. Blogs Categorized by Number of Contributors

Group Blogs


VII. Miscellaneous Blogs Categorized by Topic

Blogs about Judges

Event Blogs

Fictional Blogs

Humor Blogs


VIII. Collections of Legal Blogs

Blog Post Collections

Legal Blog Collections

Legal Blog Networks

I am not the only one impressed by Ian's work.  Here are some other reviews of the taxonomy:

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