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Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Conglomerate to Host Second Annual Junior Scholars Workshop

The good folks at Conglomerate have announced their Second Annual Junior Scholars Workshop for untenured law professors or candidates entering the law teaching market this fall. T hey have issued both a Cal for Papers and a Call for Commentators:

Call for Papers: If you are sending out a scholarly article this fall on a topic that may be interesting to Conglomerate’s readers – such as corporate law, securities, contracts, business tax, finance, antitrust or law and economics – we would like to link to your paper and provide a forum for you to receive feedback on your paper before you publish it or present it at a job talk. We may also consider articles accepted for publication if the paper has not reached the final editing stage. We know that many new faculty members do not have the opportunity to present papers at national conferences and find it challenging to get others to read their work. Hopefully, this workshop will facilitate that process....

Call for Commentators: If you are a reader and would like to be a commentator for one of the papers presented, please let me know that as well. If you were a presenter in last year's workshop, then you may feel moved to repay the benefits you received by stepping into that role this year....

The Second Annual Junior Scholars Workshop will begin June 5, 2006. We will host one paper each week, with the paper and solicited comments posted each Monday afternoon.

Two tax papers were featured in last year's workshop:

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