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Sunday, March 26, 2006

Yale Hosts Alternative Panel During Camara's Symposium Presentation

We previously have blogged (here and here) the controversy over the Yale Law Journal's decision to publish a symposium article (Control Mechanisms for Quasipublic Executives: The Intersection of Corporate and Constitutional Law) by Kiwi Alejandro Danao Camara (with Paul Gowder).  The symposium -- The Most Dangerous Branch? Mayors, Governors, Presidents and the Rule of Law: A Symposium on Executive Power -- is being held this weekend.

BlackProf notes the alternative panel hosted by a number of Yale student organizations at the time of Mr. Camara's symposium presentation::

[T]he symposium includes a presentation by Kiwi Camara, who has written on the issue and who, as a law student, repeatedly used the word "nig" to describe blacks on a class outline that was subsequently published on line. That, as you might imagine, caused a big stink. When the Yale Law Journal accepted an article that Mr. Camara had written, there was another hullabaloo, one that has resurfaced with his invitation to this symposium.

There is, at the time that Mr. Camara speaks, an alternative panel organized by a number of student organizations at Yale. The moderator is the fabulous Ron Sullivan - most recently executive director of the Public Defender Service of Washington DC and now award winning professor at Yale Law. The panel also includes Professor Richard Brooks, Professor Valerie Purdie-Vaughns of the Yale Psychology Department and Professor Randall Styers of the University of North Carolina Department of Religion. This panel focuses on the "marginalization of minorities in institutional decision-making." Hopefully the failure of Yale Law School ever to have a tenure track black woman on its faculty will also be addressed.

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