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Monday, March 27, 2006

Princeton Review's Law School Rankings: Academic Experience

Princeton_review_1With U.S. News & World Report set to release its new 2007 law school rankings on April 1, I want to return to a subject I previously blogged:  The Princeton Review's book, Best 159 Law Schools.  This week, I will focus on five of the quantitative rankings based on a survey of more than 15,000 students and statistics provided by law school administrators.

Academic Experience Rating:  The quality of the learning environment, on a scale of 60-99.   The rating incorporates the Admissions Selectivity Rating and the average responses of law students at the school to several questions on our law student survey.  In addition to the Admissions Selectivity Rating, factors include how students rate the quality of teaching and accessibility of their professors, the school's research resources, the range of available courses, the balance of legal theory and practical lawyering skills stressed in the curriculum, the tolerance for diverse viewpoints in the classroom, and how intellectually challenging the course work is. 

Here is the Princeton Review's ranking of the Top 24 law schools based on Academic Experience (and their scores):

1.  Chicago 99
1.  Stanford 99
3.  Loyola-L.A.. 98
3.  Virginia 98
5.  BYU 97
5.  Georgetown 97
7.  Washington & Lee 96
7.  Michigan 96
9.  Boston University 95
9.  Penn 95
11. UCLA 94
11. Northwestern 94
13. Wake Forest 93
13. Boston College 93
15. California- Berkeley 92
15. Harvard 92
17. Notre Dame 91
17. Emory 91
19. Vanderbilt 90
19. Arizona 90
19. Tennessee 90
19. California- Davis 90
19. Texas 90
19. Minnesota 90

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