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Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Larry Summers' Half-Eaten Dinner Roll for Sale on eBay

Larry_summers_1 Interesting article in today's Harvard Crimson:  Summers’ Dinner Roll Draws eBay Bids:

Still waiting for Lawrence H. Summers to sign your dollar bill? A more delectable collectible is up for auction on eBay: a dinner roll, half eaten by the University president. Summers purportedly consumed the other half on March 14, when he joined some undergraduates for a meal at the Dunster House faculty dinner. But the busy president had to rush off to another engagement, so he left behind an unfinished dinner—and half of a roll. Seeing an opportunity to procrastinate on his economics thesis, one of the students in attendance, Jonathan P. Hay ’06, listed the bread roll with the online auction giant. “You have a chance to own a roll that has touched the mouth of one of the most influential and compelling figures in America today,” the listing reads. “I bet it even has his saliva on it.”

The eBay listing is here.  Bidding ends tonight at 8:40 p.m. EST.  (Hat Tip:  Chronicle of Higher Education.)


  • The half-eaten roll sold for $12.50.
  • eBay's software may be better than I thought:  it tells folks who want to buy a "similar item" to check out a Jimi Hendrix Original 1960s Poster Print.  The connection between Larry Summers and the Jimi Hendrix print?  The artist's name is Larry Smart!

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