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Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Foundation Press Publishes Administrative Law Stories

Administrative_law_stories_2Foundation Press has published Administrative Law Stories, edited by Peter L. Strauss (Columbia):

Essay after essay in this fascinating book explores the statutory and historical setting of the cases discussed, rather than mere doctrine, examining in detail lawyers' judgments and tactics. Many use recently revealed papers of Supreme Court Justices to discuss often surprising elements of the decision by the Court. Students can learn a good deal about the handling of these disputes at the administrative level, before they ever get to court -- a perspective essential to understanding the field, but hard to pick up from the reported cases. Attention is paid to the ways in which many of these decisions affected future developments, with primary focus on context and on understanding the ways in which administrative disputes develop, and the roles that lawyers play in developing them.

For the table of contents, see here.  Professors can request a complimentary copy here.

Other titles in the Law Stories Series (for which I serve as Series Editor) are:

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