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Monday, December 26, 2005

Survivor: Tax Evasion

Survivor_2 Survivor winner Richard Hatch's tax troubles continue:  From Reality News Online:

It isn’t shaping up to be a happy new year for original Survivor winner Richard Hatch, who is currently being prosecuted for charges stemming from his alleged failure to pay taxes on his million-dollar prize and other income, plus supposedly taking donations directed to a charity and putting them to personal use.

Earlier this month, Hatch requested the court grant him access to a copy of the IRS’s master file about him and also a copy of a statement made by one of his accountants to the agency. The judge rejected that request. Then, last week, he lost again when the court refused to delay his trial, as he had requested. In fact, Chief U.S. District Court Judge Ernest Torres denied all three motions Hatch had filed, including the above, one asking for a separation of the counts against Hatch, and one that would have forced the IRS to fully detail just how much Hatch supposedly owes. This puts Hatch in position for a January trial date. Jury selection is scheduled to begin January 10.

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