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Monday, May 2, 2005

Seattle Hosts Annual Critical Tax Theory Conference

Last month, Seattle University School of Law hosted the annual Critical Tax Theory Conference, sponsored by Tax Analysts:

Panel #1:  Moderator: Lily Kahng (Seattle)

  • David A. Brennen (Mercer):  Contextual Diversity: A Normative Rationale for the Charitable Tax Exemption
  • Leo P. Martinez (Hastings):  Tax Policy, Rational Actors, and Other Myths
  • Nancy Staudt (Washington University):  On Congress

Panel #2:  Moderataor:  Wendy Gerzog (Baltimore)

  • Anthony C. Infanti (Pittsburgh):  Everyday Law for Gays and Lesbians (and Those Who Care About Them)
  • Nancy Shurtz (Oregon):  Queer Theory and the Quest for the Essential Taxpayer

Panel #3:  Moderator: Richard Schmalbeck (Duke)

  • Neil Buchanan (Rutgers–Newark):  Social Security, Generational Justice, and Long-Term Deficits
  • Lee Anne Fennell (Illinois):  Tax Over Time
  • Kirk Stark (UCLA):  Time Consistency and the Choice of Tax Base

Panel #4:  Moderator: Claire Young (University of British Columbia)

  • Tracy A. Kaye (Seton Hall):  Tax Discrimination: A Comparative Analysis of U.S. and EU Approaches
  • Henry Ordower (Saint Louis):  Horizontal and Vertical Equity in Taxation as Constitutional Principles: Germany and the United States Contrasted
  • Kim Brooks (University of British Columbia):  Comparative Tax Burdens

Panel #5:  Moderator: Charles Davenport (Rutgers–Newark)

  • Dorothy A. Brown (Washington & Lee):  Social Security Reform and the Rhetoric of Race
  • Lee A. Harris (Baker, Donelson, Bearman, Caldwell & Berkowitz):  Black and Poor: Empirical Evidence of State Discrimination Against African-American Welfare Families

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