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Friday, April 29, 2005

Bogdanski Bids Farewell to Another Crop of Tax Students

Bogdanski_1_1Jack Bogdanski (Lewis & Clark) of Jack Bog's Blog fame bids farewell to the tax podium for another year -- the tally for 2004-05: since August, he "stepped up to the podium 112 times, for a total of 182 hours, before a total of around 235 students."  As Jack notes, "[so] now the theater goes dark for the summer, and most people think it's a four-month picnic for us academics, but for me, work continues -- just different kinds of work."  Check out the comments from several of Jack's fans -- a sample:

      • "Tax isn't my thang, but you certainly made it more than bearable. You rock."
      • "After just a few short hours with him, law students who couldn't even balance their penny jars would have signed up for a crack at the 704 regs."
      • "I was in your first class at LC and thoroughly enjoyed it. That was pre-Power Point, of course, which meant fill up the blackboard, erase, and repeat. Then there was the end of class signoff: "Well, here's another hour gone by, and as usual I end up looking like a powdered donut."

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