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Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Survivor Winner Richard Hatch Cannot Survive IRS

SurvivorIrs_logo_33 Richard Hatch, the winner of the first CBS Survivor reality show, plead guilty yesterday to two counts of income tax evasion for failing to report: 


  • $1,000,000 he received in 2000 for winning the show (along with a $10,000 payment he received for appearing on the final episode).
  • $320,000 he received for working on a Boston radio station in 2001.

For a copy of the criminal information filed yesterday in federal district court in Rhode Island, see here.  Thanks to our sister blogs CrimProf Blog and White Collar Crime Prof Blog for the tip.

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Wait one second!! Sir, you are out of line to suggest that IRS employees deserve a painful, slow death.

I am a nontaxpayer and I have lawfully not paid any income taxes for many years --even still, I don't wish harm or pain on any irs personnel. There is a proper, nonviolent way to stop paying income taxes.

According to the US supreme Court, every American Citizen has an unalienable right and a Constitutional Right, to pursue their personal liberty and happiness, by earning a living and exchanging their labor for cash or other property.

Further, the US supreme Court has also ruled that working for a living and acquiring property (in this instance, cash) is a fundamental right that is guaranteed by the Declaration of Independence. Which is still law inside all 50 states.

And, we know from the US supreme Court's ruling in Murdock v. Pennsylvania, that the government MAY NOT tax the exercise of an unalienable or Constitutional Right. And working for a living is an unalienable Right.

Ergo, Richard Hatch was not required to pay income taxes on his million dollar prize. Where he messed up wa he went ahead like an idiot and filed a 1040 income tax return anyway. And by doing so, he was admitting that he was engaged in a "trade or business" inside the federal United States. Thus, Hatch created the rebuttable presumption that he had "effectively connected income."

In addition, the IRS and the DOJ have accused Hatch of violating 26 USC 7201. However, neither the IRS nor the DOJ has the lawful authority to do anything under 26 USC 7201 because, inter alia, there are no implementing regulations cross referencing 26 USC 7201, which should have been promulgated in the Federal Register per 44 USC 1501 et seq.

According to 5 USC and 44 USC, the failure on the part of the Dept of Treasury to publish implementing regulations for 26 USC 7201, means that no person can be adversely affected by the failure to so publish.

The neccessity to publish implementing regulations was reaffirmned by the US supreme Court in United States v. Mersky and in California Banking Association v. Schultz.

Paying income taxes is completely voluntary for American Citizens [note, this is not the same as a US citizen] who are employed in the private sector and who do not live, reside or work inside the District of Columbia or any other federal enclave where the US Congress has exclusive legislative jurisidiction per US Constitution 1:8:17 and 4:3:2.


A happy man who lawfully does not pay any income taxes and who educates others so they can save money too. :-)

Posted by: Bing | Jan 28, 2005 6:19:34 AM

As far as I am concerned, Richard Hatch is a fool. He should have taken his money and moved to Roatan.

As for the IRS, well, Timothy McVeigh is a hero and just because kids were killed too, they were children of irs folks, so I call that 'culling the herd'. Anyone who would work for the irs deserves a painful, slow, demeaning death.

Posted by: Someone | Jan 24, 2005 10:42:56 AM