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Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Tax Notes Explores Tax Blogosphere

Tax_analysts_logo_3This week's Tax Notes has a wonderful article on the tax blogosphere by Warren Rojas: Tax Bloggers Use Internet To Widen Tax Policy Appeal, 105 Tax Notes 1498 (Dec. 13, 2004) (© 2004 Tax Analysts. Reprinted with permission.) The article opens with the founders of the tax blogging movement: Victor Fleischer (UCLA) and Jeffrey Kahn (Santa Clara), who wrote A Taxing Blog: The Uneasy Case for Blogging Taxation and then started the first tax professor blog, A Taxing Blog, which has been on hiatus since October 13, 2003. The article then discusses the current tax blogs edited by both professors and practitioners:

Tax Professor Blogs
Academically Taxing (Clarissa Potter - Georgetown)
Jack Bog’s Blog (Jack Bogdanski - Lewis & Clark)
Mauled Again (James Maule - Villanova)
Start Making Sense (Dan Shaviro - NYU)
Tax Prof Blog (Paul Caron - Cincinnati)

Tax Practitioner Blogs
Roth CPA (Joe Kristan - Iowa CPA)
Tax Guru (Kerry Kerstetter - Arkansas CPA)

The article has nice things to say about all of these blogs. We are, of course, thrilled to have Tax Notes call us "the undisputed champion of tax blogging." (p.1498)

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