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Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Bartlett Praises Tax Blogosphere


Following up on the wonderful Tax Notes piece on the tax blogosphere, Tax Bloggers Use Internet To Widen Tax Policy Appeal, 105 Tax Notes 1498 (Dec. 13, 2004) (blogged here), Bruce Bartlett of the National Center for Policy Analysis yesterday offered his views on the subject in The Blogger Take on the Issues.  Mr. Bartlett has kind things to say about both tax professor (Mauled Again (James Maule - Villanova) and Start Making Sense (Dan Shaviro - NYU)) and tax practitioner (Tax Guru (Kerry Kerstetter - Arkansas CPA)) blogs.  We are, of course, thrilled with Mr. Bartlett's description of TaxProf Blog:

In the tax area, the most prolific blogger is tax professor Paul Caron of the University of Cincinnati. I find him useful because he really keeps on top of the scholarly research among other tax professors. In most cases, this research is available on the Internet in the form of working papers that may be available months or even years before they appear in inaccessible law reviews. This is extremely valuable to me in terms of keeping ahead of the curve on tax research.

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