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Thursday, November 11, 2004

New "Baseball Tax" in D.C. Drawing Flack

BaseballPeter Gessing has posted Taxpayer-Financed Baseball in Our Nation's Capital: A Steal for Baseball, Reverse Commuter Tax for DC on the National Taxpayer's Union web site. Here is the Conclusion:

Rather than relying on government to “invest” tax dollars in a facility that ultimately provides a windfall to Major League Baseball and buying off various constituencies with a community slush fund, DC taxpayers – and the region as a whole – would be better off if the District demanded either that baseball play in a refurbished RFK stadium, or that private money is used to fund construction of the stadium. Baseball has been shopping for the best it could get and Mayor Williams came through. It is now up to DC’s City Council to do their best for DC taxpayers, by exploring alternatives to ensure that baseball pays to play.

For recent critical press coverage, see Some Say Baseball Tax Looks Too High and Hard, Washington Post. (Thanks to reader Steven Sholk for the tip.)

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