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Monday, October 18, 2004

More on Teresa Heinz Kerry's Tax Return


A follow up on Saturday's post about Teresa Heinz Kerry's release of 2 pages of her 2003 federal tax return, which reports that she paid $627k in federal income taxes on $2.3 million of AGI, primarily from dividends and interest. She received $5.1 million of gross income, $2.8 million of it tax exempt interest income. Ms. Heinz Kerry, who filed separately from Senator Kerry, thus paid federal income tax at the rate of 12.3% of her gross income and 27.4% of her AGI. We previously linked to press reports from the Washington Post and Associated Press. Here are additional press reports:

Drudge Report
LA Times
New York Post
Wall Street Journal

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Following is a brief background on Mrs. John Kerry. She hates being called that, by the way. According to the G2 Bulletin, an online intelligence newsletter of WorldNetDaily, in the years between 1995-2001 she gave more than $4 million to an organization called the Tides Foundation. And what does the Tides Foundation do with John Heinz's money?
They support numerous antiwar groups, including Ramsey Clark's International Action Center. Clark has offered to defend Saddam Hussein when he's tried.

They support the Democratic Justice Fund, a joint venture of the Tides Foundation and billionaire hate-monger George Soros. The Democratic Justice Fund seeks to ease restrictions on Muslim immigration from "terrorist" states. They support the Council for American-Islamic Relations, whose leaders are known to have close ties to the terrorist group, Hamas. They support the National Lawyers Guild, organized as a communist front during the Cold War era. One of their attorneys, Lynne Stewart, has been arrested for helping a client, Sheikh Omar Abdel Rahman, communicate with terror cells in Egypt. He is the convicted mastermind of the 1993 World Trade Center bombing.

They support the "Barrio Warriors," a radical Hispanic group whose primary goal is to return all of Arizona, California, New Mexico, and Texas to Mexico. Aiding and supporting our enemies is not good for America, regardless of your political views.
If voters will open their eyes, educate themselves and see the real Teresa Heinz Kerry, they will not appreciate her position as ultra rich fairy godmother of the radical left. They will not want to imagine her laying her head on a pillow each night inches away from the President of the United States.

Posted by: Joey | Oct 29, 2004 9:59:25 PM

There was a post about THK and a 'nannygate' thing that was posted on my blog at a second time after a NewsMax article noticed my first post about it.

None of the media seems in a hurry to get to the bottom of this. My question is, why? And, how do you get ahold of this kind of information?

If THK is paying household 'employees' do you think she would only pay $8,000/year - which is what the $1,251 tax is on page two of her tax return?

Posted by: Desert Rat | Oct 25, 2004 8:02:16 AM