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Saturday, December 9, 2017

Joint Tax Committee: Comparison Of The House And Senate Tax Bills

Joint Tax CommitteeJoint Committee on Taxation,  Comparison of the House- and Senate-Passed Versions of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (JCX-64-17) (Dec. 7, 2017) (51 pages):

This document ... compares the provisions of the House- and Senate-passed versions of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (“TCJA”).

Largely following the organization of the House bill, the document is divided into four sections, individual tax reform, business tax reform, taxation of foreign income and foreign persons, and exempt organizations. Within each section of the document, provisions of the legislation are divided into three categories: (1) provisions for which there are no differences between the House bill and the Senate amendment; (2) provisions for which there are differences between the House bill and the Senate amendment; and (3) provisions that are in only the House bill or the Senate amendment. Except for provisions that are only in the Senate amendment, within each category provisions are generally listed in the order in which they appear in the House bill.

A provision may be included in the first category (no differences between the House bill and Senate amendment) if the House bill provision and the Senate amendment provision are substantively the same as one another but include differences in, for example, their legislative language or effective (or termination) dates.

For provisions in the second category (House-Senate differences), this document does not describe all differences. Instead, the document summarizes certain differences between the House and Senate bills that in the judgment of the Joint Committee staff are substantial in nature.

(Hat Tip: Mark J. Bade.)

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