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Thursday, October 12, 2017

Law Firms Continue To Cling To Desktops In Age Of Tablets And Laptops

Legal Tech News, Desktop's Not Dead: Law Firms Continue to Use Desktops for Security, Upkeep Concerns:

Amid all the slick tech hardware on the market today, desktop computers perhaps seem like a relic of an ancient past. They're bulky, arguably unattractive and chained to one specific location — the name literally points to its permanent fixture on a desk top. And yet, 45 percent of all law firms plan to equip attorneys with desktop computers in their 2017 hardware refresh.

In the modern legal workplace, where attorneys are expected to be reachable at any given hour of the day, it may seem counterintuitive for law firms to invest too heavily in desktop technology. Law firms have taken significant steps towards embracing the kind of mobility and flexibility needed to stay available to clients at any time of the day. In the last decade, laptops and tablets began to outstrip desktop computers in law firm purchasing. Aiding in the matter, law firms have widely adopted cloud-based data hosting, enabling attorneys to work remotely and collaboratively.

Yet in a few key ways, desktop computers still play an integral role in law firms' technology strategies. Desktop computers are still potentially the most secure, reliable and cheaply maintained option for many law firms.

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