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Thursday, September 14, 2017

Move Over California, Japan Has A 26% Bar Passage Rate

From Rob Anderson (Pepperdine):  Nikkei Asian Review, Fewer Prospective Lawyers Clearing the Bar in Japan:

A lower number of candidates passed the Japanese bar examination this year, new statistics show, with the tally barely topping the government's annual target of 1,500. Passers declined by 40 from 2016 to 1,543, according to Ministry of Justice figures out Tuesday.

Test takers numbered 5,967 this year, down 932. But the pass rate rose 2.91 percentage points to 25.86%.

Men accounted for 1,228 of all successful candidates, while women made up the balance at 315.

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How much time and money must be invested in going to law school, or whatever it is they do prior to taking the bar exam in Japan?

Posted by: PaulB | Sep 14, 2017 11:33:17 AM