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Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Law Schools With The Best Employment Rates

Following up on last week's post, The 49 Law Schools With The Most Improved Employment Rates: The National Jurist, Most Improved Employment Rates:

The National Jurist took into consideration all forms of post-graduation employment. The employment rates were weighted, giving the most heft to full-time jobs that require bar passage. Other jobs, such as J.D.-advantage jobs and positions in other professions, received less weight.


The National Jurist compared adjusted employment rates for the Class of 2011 with rates for the Class of 2016.

To determine the adjusted employment rate, The National Jurist assigned differing weights to various employment statuses. Full time, long term jobs that require bar passage are the only positions that were given full weight. All other jobs were assigned less weight as follows:

  • Bar Passage Required: Full-time, Long Term is counted at 100%
  • Bar Passage Required: Full-time, Short Term 70%
  • JD Advantage: Fulltime, Long Term 70%
  • Professional position: Full-time, Long Term 60%
  • Bar Passage Required: Part-time, Long Term 50%
  • JD Advantage: Parttime, Long Term 40%
  • JD Advantage: Fulltime, Short Term 40%
  • Bar Passage Required: Part-Time, Short Term 30%
  • Professional position: Part-time, Long Term 30%
  • Professional position: Full-time, Short Term 30%
  • JD Advantage: Part-time, Short Term 10%
  • Non-professional position: Full-time, Long Term 10%
  • All other categories received no value

The National Jurist does not include graduates seeking further education in its calculation.

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Nat'l Jurist makes the dumb decision to deflate JD-advantage jobs just, well, just because. And then compounds the error by labeling its table "best employment rates." So it goes.

Posted by: dan rodriguez | Sep 6, 2017 2:49:11 PM