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Thursday, August 10, 2017

2018 Princeton Review's Best 382 Colleges

Princeton ReviewThe Princeton Review has released The Best 382 Colleges — 2018 Edition.  According to the press release, the book contains 62 rankings based on surveys completed by 137,000 students at the 382 schools (358 per school) (methodology here), including these categories:

  • Best (U.S. Military Academy) classroom experience
  • Best (Sarah Lawrence), worst (U.S. Merchant Marine Academy) professors
  • Most (Colby), least (UC-Santa Cruz) accessible professors
  • Best (Rice) quality of life
  • Most (Vanderbilt), least (U.S. Coast Guard Academy) happy students
  • Students love (Virginia Tech) their school
  • Most (UC-San Diego), least (Harvey Mudd) beautiful campus
  • Best (Richmond), worst (University of Hawaii-Manoa) run school
  • Most liberal (Reed), most conservative (Dallas) students
  • Most (Thomas Aquinas),  least (Reed) religious
  • Students study the most (Harvey Mudd), least (St. John's)
  • Most (Bowdoin), least (SUNY-Purchase) financial aid
  • Most (Bryn Mawr), least (College of the Ozarks) LGBT-Friendly
  • Most (Rice), least (Providence) race/class interaction
  • Best (Chicago), worst (Juniata) library
  • Best (UMass), worst (Ohio Northern) food
  • Best (Scripps), worst (Xavier-Louisiana) dorms
  • Biggest (Tulane), least (BYU) party school
  • Most (Vermont), least (U.S. Coast Guard Academy) marijuana on campus
  • Most (Tulane), least (BYU) hard liquor on campus
  • Most (Wisconsin), least (BYU) beer on campus

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