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Saturday, July 8, 2017

Law Prof Files Discrimination Complaint Over Tenure Denial:  'Inferior Whites Advance On Campbell’s Faculty While Superior Blacks Are Blocked'

JonesFollowing up on my previous post, Black Law Prof Files Discrimination Complaint Over Tenure Denial: 'When Dr. King Called Sunday At 11 A.M. The Most Segregated Hour In America, He Could Have Just As Easily Referred To Law Faculty Meetings 50 Years Later':

News & Observer, Former Professor Claims Racial Discrimination at Campbell Law School:

A former law professor at Campbell University accused the school of racial discrimination on Facebook Live on Friday, saying African Americans don’t get tenure at Campbell.

Amos Jones made the assertions on Facebook and on a San Diego-based Christian radio broadcast. In a phone interview with The News & Observer on Friday, he said he was passed over for tenure and that his contract was not renewed. He left the school in May.

“They haven’t tenured a black in 11 years,” Jones said. “They cannot suddenly change that. Their record speaks for itself. ... They have a problem with hiring blacks and that will change, whether it’s me or not. They cannot continue to do that. The ABA expects more in their accreditation standards.”

Campbell University Law Dean Rich Leonard responded with a message sent to the school and posted on Twitter and Facebook. It said that the university had wanted to keep the dispute with Jones private “out of respect for a former colleague.”

“However, his outrageous, defamatory and false accusations made today require us to speak,” the Campbell statement said. “What the record indisputably shows is that in Professor Jones’ sixth year at the law school when he was required to apply for tenure, he declined to do so. The law school followed all of its procedures precisely, appointing a tenure panel to evaluate Professor Jones and informing him of the deadline to file his materials. On multiple occasions, he acknowledged these requirements. Nonetheless, he submitted nothing, instead creating a completely false controversy that his illusory application had been denied.” ...

Jones said Campbell’s statement about his failure to apply for tenure is untrue. He said he filed an application in 2016 and a tenure panel was put together. He said an associate dean called him in January and told him his performance was unacceptable for tenure. ... Jones also said that Leonard last year referred to him as “a rock star on my faculty who will get tenure.”

Earlier this year, Jones made two complaints with the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission — one in January regarding discrimination and one in February regarding retaliation. Those complaints are under investigation and are not public, Jones said. He declined to release the complaints. ...

On Facebook, the former professor wrote that the ABA had previously raised concerns about Campbell’s record on hiring and keeping black faculty. He said “inferior whites” have advanced on Campbell’s faculty while “superior blacks are blocked.”

“All of this takes place as the school seeks quietly to shed its Baptist identity, purging an avowed Baptist (me) without due process,” he wrote. “I will continue to tell the truth and make these crooked ways straight,” he said in an interview. “They want to run a school without black men. They’ve been doing it for a decade now, in terms of tenure. They don’t tenure blacks.”

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What's his publication record?

Posted by: AnonLawProf | Jul 8, 2017 2:52:41 PM

No inferior whites on my faculty (-:

Posted by: mike livingston | Jul 9, 2017 4:47:59 AM

It's one of the schools (there are about 50) that U.S. News does not rank for whatever reason.

Posted by: Art Deco | Jul 9, 2017 10:17:50 AM

Not sure if this is comprehensive, but based on a Lexis search I see one article in 2006--the year he earned his JD (23 Ga. St. U.L. Rev. 287)-- and an essay in 2011 (33 N.C. Cent. L. Rev. 187). It doesn't look like he published a single law review article during his entire tenure clock. That's an extremely weak tenure packet in terms of publications even for an unranked law school. I know his argument is he was more qualified than others, but I don't have data on other Campbell professors who got tenure, but it would be impossible for any of them to have less than zero law review publications while on the tenure clock.

Posted by: Interloper | Jul 11, 2017 8:51:15 AM

From his LinkedIN profile:

"His practice-representative publications include: "America’s sizzling summer of espionage enforcement has roots in obscure registration laws that govern foreign intercourse," an international-trade article in IBA NORTH AMERICAN REGIONAL FORUM, Vol. 1, No. 1, October 2010, at 16; "Election 2008: What Private Employers and Their Employees Need to Know about Political Activity in and out of the Workplace," an employment-law article with Daniel Prywes in BNA WORKPLACE LAW REPORT, Feb. 8, 2008, at 196; and "Egypt’s Competitive Liberalization in Services," an international-trade article with Dr. Mohamed Hassanien at 16 CURRENTS: INT’L TRADE L. J. 41 (2007). His most-recent scholarship appears in the WIDENER JOURNAL OF LAW, ECONOMICS & RACE and the NORTH CAROLINA LAW REVIEW."

Posted by: Matthew Bruckner | Jul 15, 2017 10:12:40 AM