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Monday, June 19, 2017

Independent Accountant Confirms Financial Viability Of Florida's Graduate Tax Program

Florida Logo (GIF)Following up on my previous posts on Florida Law Prof Robert Rhee's remarkable critique of its graduate tax program (my perspective is here) and Dean Laura Rosenbury's ambitious plan to become a Top 35 law school (links below):  an independent accountant has issued an in-depth report on the finances of Florida's graduate tax program.  The report takes a detailed look at revenues and expenses, including the 10% overhead charge paid to the university and the method of allocating faculty compensation to the program.  As Dean Rosenbury notes in an email to the Florida tax community, the report "puts to rest concerns about the program's financial viability so long as we maintain or increase student enrollment."



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The 'overhead' charge seems really low -- a gift from central campus? My university charges our graduate program 20% for overhead, and that is probably pretty low in comparison to what central campuses usually skim from such programs.

I'm actually surprised the program doesn't make more of a profit for the law school as a whole. The profit doesn't even suffice to cover two law professors. And once the inputs from the UF foundation are taken into account, it doesn't even cover its own costs through tuition? Maybe I'm reading it wrong.

Posted by: Jason Yackee | Jun 19, 2017 4:51:44 AM

I find it disgraceful that they slashed the budget for faculty public displays of affection from $10,000 to a mere $3,800 year over year. Where's the love?

Posted by: enderman | Jun 19, 2017 9:24:50 PM