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Sunday, June 25, 2017

Dean Breckinridge Tushingham (Soso State Law School) Named AALS President

AALS (2019)Erik M. Jensen (Case Western), The Breck Trilogy: A Day in the Life of S. Breckinridge Tushingham, Tough on Scholarship, and Dean Breck:

This series of three articles (that's why it's a trilogy, duh-h-h) chronicles the legal-academic career of one S. Breckinridge Tushingham ("Breck" for short). As the trilogy unfolds, Breck works his way up (or maybe it's down) from his first academic position to an established professorship to dean of the South Soybean (Soso) State University law school. In the process of recording his professional history, and thus memorializing it for the ages, Breck provides (probably defamatory) insights into the American legal academy.

Erik M. Jensen (Case Western), (Almost) President Breck:

The exploits of S. Breckinridge Tushingham (“Breck” for short) have been chronicled in several prior stories. In this installment Breck describes his incredible (a carefully chosen word) accomplishments as dean of the Soso Law School and his successful run for the presidency of the Association of American Law Schools. Breck has much to say about the state of education, including legal education, today. Some of his thoughts are even worthwhile.

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