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Friday, May 5, 2017

Weekly Legal Education Roundup

Comment: I have previously written about how Florida International University has dramatically raised its pass rate on the Florida bar.  On the last four Florida bars, FIU graduates had the highest or second highest pass rate.  In July 2016, its pass rate was 87.5%, compared to a state rate of 68.2%.

Louis N. Schulze, Assistant Dean and Professor of Academic Support at FIU, has written a paper detailing how he and his colleagues achieved these remarkable results.  Using Science to Build Better Learners: One School's Successful Efforts to Raise Its Bar Passage Rates in an Era of Decline.

I have been reading general education research for the last few years, and Dean Schulze's approach is what many others have used with great success in other academic fields.  Any law school that adopts these techniques will improve their bar pass scores, and, more importantly, turn out much better lawyers.  I realize that this is a strong statement, but the use of these techniques have time and time again produced better retention of knowledge and understanding of material.

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