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Friday, May 19, 2017

Houston Hosts Third Annual Texas Tax Faculty Workshop

Houston (2017)The University of Houston Law Center hosts the Third Annual Tax Faculty Workshop today:

Bryan Camp (Texas Tech), Application of Equitable Principles to Jurisdictional Time Periods
Commentator: Terri Helge (Texas A&M)

Calvin Johnson (Texas), Beckemeyer and the Tax Benefit Rule
Commentator: Johnny Buckles (Houston)

Susan Morse (Texas), The Dark Side of Safe Harbors?
Commentator: Bruce McGovern (South Texas)

Bill Byrnes (Texas A&M), How Much Does It Cost to Roast a Cup of Starbucks?
Commentator: Bill Streng (Houston)

Other workshop participants: Paul Asofsky (Houston), Dennis Drapkin (SMU), Orly Mazur (SMU), Bret Wells (Houston), and Denney Wright (Houston)

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