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Saturday, March 18, 2017

University Of Idaho Law School Opens Second Location In Boise. Will It Be The Death Knell For Concordia Law School?

Boise 2Following up on my previous post, Two New Law Schools Planned in Boise, Idaho: Concordia University and University of Idaho:  Press Release, American Bar Association Approves First-Year Law Program in Boise (press coverage):

The American Bar Association (ABA) approved the opening of a first-year law program in Boise for the University of Idaho College of Law. The Idaho State Board of Education approved the first-year law program in February. A first-year law program will now be available in both the Moscow and Boise locations beginning this fall semester. ...

Previously, all students completed their first-year in Moscow and then could transition to Boise, if desired, for their second and third year. The addition of first-year classes in Boise will make a Juris Doctor degree fully available at either location. ...

The expanded College of Law program can accept up to 60 first-year students in Boise; current applications indicate expected classes of similar sizes in both locations.

The cost for adding first-year students to the Boise program is relatively minimal and will be covered within the university and College of Law budget. The UI College of Law is transferring three faculty members from Moscow to Boise and recently hired a new associate director of admissions and director of academic success. National searches are underway for an additional two faculty members to join the College in Boise.

This spring, the College of Law was ranked 109 among top law schools by U.S. News and World Report, a climb of two positions from 111 in 2016.

Concordia University School of Law opened in Boise in 2012 and was provisionally accredited by the ABA in 2015.

The University of Idaho's 1L enrollment has fallen 25% since 2010, from 130 to 98.  Entering class credentials also have fallen:  25%/50%/75% LSATs and GPAs are now 148/152/154 and 2.87/3.23/3.55. From Law School Transparency:


Concordia Law School's enrollment fell 75% from 2010 to 2015, from 72 to 18, before rebounding to 44 in 2016 (down 39% from 2010). Entering class credentials also have fallen:  25%/50%/75% LSATs and GPAs are now 145/149/151 and 2.60/2.93/3.34. From Law School Transparency:


Tuition is $18,664 (resident)/$33,472 (non-resident) at Idaho and $29,250 at Concordia (resident and non-resident).

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