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Thursday, March 9, 2017

Lipman Presents (Anti)Poverty Measures Exposed Today At UC-Davis

Lipman (2017)Francine J. Lipman (UNLV) presents (Anti)Poverty Measures Exposed at UC-Davis today as part of its Faculty Intellectual Enrichment Series:

Few economic indicators have the salience and far-reaching financial impact than the poverty rate, yet policymakers, researchers, and advocates struggle to understand its mechanics. This Article will build a bridge from in depth personal portraits of families living in poverty to the resource allocations that failed them by exposing the mechanics underlying the Census Bureau's official (OPM) and supplemental poverty measures (SPM). Too often when we address the problem of poverty the focus is on the plight of the poor, and not on ineffective antipoverty programs. The purpose of poverty measures should be to measure and expose the effectiveness or failure of antipoverty programs.

This Article will explain America’s antipoverty programs and the populations they serve and those who are left behind. By shifting the focus from the poor to inherent OPM and SPM antipoverty programs that generate poverty rates, we will better understand why almost 50 million Americans, including 16 million children, are not adequately provided for; do not have the necessary life resources; are struggling day in and day out; have been “nickle and dimed;” and are not getting by in America; and who because of the misallocation (not lack) of U.S. resources are poor.

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